Maritime / River Transport

Maritime and river transport involves the identification of an itinerary and of the adequate means of transport to be used.

Always punctual and reliable, we are your experienced partner for such projects, from end to end.

All along the project, we keep our solutions at your disposal, at convenient prices and optimal performance standards.

Our services include planning, organising, carrying out and supervising the flow of goods.

VADECO SRL offers a complete range of services in maritime and river transport, together with related services:

- Shipment of goods from/to Romania as well as from/to any part of the world;
- Cross-bookings – shipment of goods from/to any part of the world;
- Goods disassembling and reassembling services;
- Processing and checking specific documents;
- DOOR DELIVERY, both for import and export activities to/from Romania;
- Road and railroad internal transport;
- Goods transshipment from/into containers and ito/from other means of transport.

Bulk goods are non-containerized goods, usually shipped as individual units due to their oversize and overweight (machinery, mining equipment, wind turbines, transformers, oil equipment, ore, logs, cereals, steel, yachts and so on). Bulk shipments may as well consist of pallets, bundles, boxes, unpackaged machines, boats or other non-containerized single units).

Taking into account the request and the complexity of the shipment, we use liners and chartered ships in order ot reach overseas destinations. Cargo ships are included in rigorous and severe maintenance programmes in order to achieve maximum operational effectiveness and maximum life span.

On various types of river boats, we carry out loading and unloading port operations, we are connected with other European ports on the Danube and have exact knowledge of the these ports’ technical capacity.

The maritime and river transport is the ideal solution for large quantities of goods.